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Beautiful Results with Belotero

Bags. Dark shadows. Puffiness. Lines. Over the years we’ve applied almost anything--steeped tea bags, cucumbers, and hemorrhoid ointment, all in a desperate attempt to correct our under-eye area. And while Sculptra (off-label) did the trick admirably for some, it wasn’t the FDA-approved miracle we expected. Well, the waiting is over. Belotero, deemed to be the first, true line filler and under-eye (a.k.a. tear trough filler) miracle, approved by the FDA is here!

Much like Juvederm and Restylane, Belotero is a hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal filler for the superficial lines and moderate to severe wrinkles on the face. That said, what makes it stand out from the crowd? Belotero’s chemical structure is actually different from other hyaluronic-based fillers. It is the world’s first monophasic HA dermal filler based on patented cross-linking technology. Simply put, during manufacturing, Belotero is passed through sieves that ensure a uniform particle size, making it extremely smooth, lightweight, and pliable. This allows it to adapt within even very thin skin areas, for soft and even correction.

“Belotero’s biochemical difference offers greater versatility than that of it’s competitors,” explains Dana Martinez, owner of Lecada Medical Artistry in South Tampa. “Some other hyaluronic fillers can cause a bluish tint if injected too superficially, particularly through the thin under eye area. That is not the case with Belotero. And, since it can be used to fill nasolabial folds, and the fine wrinkles around the mouth, it fills an important niche in advanced injectable treatments,” Martinez says.


According to Merz, the makers of Belotero, not only are results immediate, they are proven to last. In a clinical study, many patients report results lasting 6 months or more. For a soft, subtle outcome with staying power, Belotero is the natural choice.

A word of caution: Belotero is not a volumizer, but rather, a top layer to be placed over deeper fillers. It will evenly integrate with your own dermal tissue and rehydrate for a radiant appearance. The results are noticeable but the product is not. You may not be able to do much about sleepless nights or the never-ending stress, but with Belotero, it sure looks like you did!

[Originally published in Panache Vue magazine, April 2014]

Belotero Tampa at Lecada Medical Artistry

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