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Dry, dull, loose, paper-like crinkly skin—skin on your neck, chest, belly, thighs, underarms and hands that looks wrinkled, saggy and loose—is, sadly, another ugly consequence of aging.  The natural reduction in collagen and elastin skin causes a lack of support for the surface skin, with sagging as a result. However, crepey skin can also be caused by a variety of factors including: sun damage, smoking, environmental factors, rapid or extreme weight loss and dehydration.However, it's never too late to start protecting your skin, or repair the damage with effective skin tightening solutions.

Exilis Skin Tightening, Body Scuplting and Fat Reduction.

Exilis is the No. 1 rated skin tightening machine in the world available for non-invasive wrinkle reduction, skin tightening, fat volume reduction and body contouring. Exilis Skin Tightening Tampa uses safe and sophisticated thermal energy to induce positive changes in the skin and body.  A comfortable deep heating sensation is experienced with each short treatment session. In just one year at Lecada, hundreds of our Tampa Exilis patients have seen excellent results in tightening, sculpting, flattening and  improving the contours of the arms, legs and abdomen with Exilis. Those flabby arms lose an inch or more within 3-4 treatments typically.