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It’s definitely not your imagination. Your earlobes are getting bigger and hanging lower than they used to. Though our ears are 90 percent grown by the age of 6, they do change shape and appear to enlarge as we age. While earlobes are a seemingly small part of the face, the loss of volume or fat in the ear can be a visible sign of aging. A young earlobe appears soft and supple, while an older earlobe will have less volume, becoming thin and saggy.

What Causes Sagging Earlobes?

Both the ears and nose droop as soft tissue (skin, fat, and muscle) relaxes and structural support changes - bone recedes with time, so there's less foundation to hold the skin and cartilage up. Plus, loss of elasticity and collagen in the skin causes sagging. And if you wore heavy earrings or jumped on the tribal ring trend, it only contributed to the droop factor.

How Can Sagging Earlobes Be Repaired?

Dermal fillers can be an option to restore the youthful look and feel to the lobe. Restylane and Juvederm Tampa treatments include injecting filler to add softness and create a rounder, plumper look. The filler lasts for about six months and should be repeated to keep volume within the earlobes. Longer lasting results (up to one year) can be achieved with Radiesse and Artefill, plus minor stitching can be performed in-office for a more permanent option with little to no scarring.