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Exilis Body Shaping: How Does It Work?

Do have a trouble spot on your body that refuses to flatten, tone, or slim down despite your many persistent efforts? You know you have options, but maybe surgical solutions seem a little too extreme. Exilis, a non-surgical body contouring procedure, might be the best technique for you. No knives are needed while a medical professional works to give you the body you have always hoped for.


How It Works

Exilis body shaping uses radio waves to target fatty deposits on your body, molding your silhouette into a trim physique. A combination of vibrations and heat from the radiofrequency energy works to capture fat cells, eventually breaking them down through a heightened metabolic rate and dispersing them. Rather than leaving behind flabby, empty folds of skin, Exilis body shaping also uses thermal energy to encourage naturally produced collagen, leaving your skin tighter, smoother, and years younger.


Benefits of Exilis Body Shaping

Unlike many other forms of medical weight loss, Exilis body shaping is a completely safe procedure that requires no recovery time. The process typically takes about 20 minutes, although the time frame can vary depending on how much fat needs to be broken down. To get the best results, patients usually schedule four sessions, one to two weeks apart. At the conclusion of your last Exilis body shaping experience, you will possess:


  • A thinner figure
  • Smoother, younger looking skin
  • Reduced cellulite


Popular areas to target during Exilis body shaping include the thighs, stomach, love handles, chin, neck, arms, and back.


The results of Exilis body shaping are permanent, but an unhealthy lifestyle will result in gaining your weight back. Be sure to pair this treatment with lifestyle changes that include exercise and healthy diet choices.


Learn more about Exilis body shaping at the Lecada Medical Spa website. Interested in our nonsurgical approach to fat reduction? Schedule a free consultation to look over your options and meet our qualified staff members. Give us a call at 813-874-2332.


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