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Deeply pocketed, raised or discolored scars are often an unfortunate end result of moderate-to-severe acne and injury, a permanent reminder that can mean a lifetime of insecurity and frustration. However, many removal procedures and acne scar treatments now available can eliminate scar tissue and give sufferers the confidence they’ve been looking for.

What Causes Acne Scars?

Acne scars are caused when the skin’s pores become infected and both the follicle wall and deep lying dermis are damaged. As skin tries to repair the damage, it forms new collagen fibers. However the collagen naturally produced to repair the skin sometimes leaves a bump, a depression or discoloration.

What Causes Injury Scars?

When the skin gets an injury the body then produces fibroblast cells, which are the cells that you will find in most of the connective tissues of humans. Collagen fibers with a base of proteins are then made by fibroblasts so that the gap in the dermis can be filled, therefore closing the wound. Before the scar forms the wound has to completely heal because the proteins have a chance to create that new layer of skin.

How Can Scars Be Treated?

Fraxel Laser Tampa. Using laser technology, thousands of microscopic areas of damaged skin are pinpointed and treated to even out scar tissue. This treatment encourages skin to heal naturally, stimulate collagen production, and give the patient smoother skin.

• Radiesse. Often used to fill acne scars, Radiesse is made of calcium-based microsheres suspended in a water-based gel. This acne scar treatment fills and forms a scaffold through which collagen can grow to produce the desired effect of a smoother complexion and clearer skin.

ViPeel-Chemical Peel. This specialized peel detoxifies at a deeper level than traditional peels to clear acne conditions.  Within a week after the procedure, skin will appear smooth and rejuvenated.

• Diamond Microdermabrasion. This treatment provides fast, safe improvement for skin concerns such as blemishes and resultant scarring, stretch marks, age spots and sun damage. It works especially well on issues such as acne which is caused by too many dead skin cells leading to an infection within the skin. By removing this buildup of cells, skin is improved and additional problems are reduced or prevented.

• Artefill. This long lasting dermal filler uses injected microspheres to fill and provide structure to acne scars. Considered one of the longest lasting available fillers without surgery, results last at least five years and can be permanent.

Sculptra. This dermal filler and collagen regeneration product effectively treats acne scars. By smoothing areas where underlying supportive collagen and fat tissue have been diminished by injury or disease, Sculptra can restore volume and improve facial contours. A youthful and natural-looking appearance will result and last for as long as 2-3 years.

• Collagen Induction Therapy. Also known as Dermal Needling, this procedure stimulates the skin to produce new collagen, thereby improving skin texture. When applied to the skin, new collagen is produced within the skin and assists scar tissue healing.