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Lip Treatments for Small Thin Lips | Lecada Tampa

Once upon a time, you thought you had full, plump lips. But more recently, your lips seem thinner and less full. It’s not your imagination. Thin lips are another sign of aging and sun exposure. However, thanks to a number of lip plumping and lip enhancement treatments, your lips can become more youthful once again.

What Causes Thin Lips?

Plump lips are maintained by strong elastin, collagen production and deep hydration found within the lip’s skin layers. However, unlike normal skin, your lip’s skin does not have natural melanin to protect it from the sun’s rays. Without that protection, collagen and elastin are more easily broken down by harmful UV rays, the skin then loses its elasticity and fullness, and thinness occurs.

How Can Thin Lips Be Treated?

• Juvederm. To create a fuller lip, temporary lip injection treatments can be used to create a voluminous appearance instantaneously. Fuller lips can be attained virtually pain free with a few simple injections. Bring back the full lips of your youth, permanently!

Lip Augmentation. Another option to permanently enhance and enlarge your lips is the Permanent Lip Volumizing Treatment. Utilizing a micro-droplet technique, your body forms collagen around the injected molecules to produce a much fuller look. The amount of collagen formed depends upon your own body’s sensitivity. One to three treatments may be recommended in one month intervals. This lip augmentation option is an excellent alternative for people who want to bring back the full lips of their youth on a permanent basis.

Botox. Lip thinness can be enhanced using regular Botox treatments. Patients report fuller lips for up to four months.