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Do you have a crooked nose? A small dent that bothers you? Perhaps an unwanted bump on the bridge of your nose? All can be corrected non-surgically with simple injections of dermal filler. Fillers such as Radiesse and Artefill have proven to be ideal in correcting many of the minor deformities that exist either genetically or as a result of an accident or surgical procedure.

How does it work?
Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a safe, effective alternative to surgery and provides excellent cosmetic results. The 30-minute procedure smooths, sculpts and lifts just like traditional rhinoplasty without the potential complications. During the procedure, you are fully awake (a numbing agent is used) and in complete control of the procedure’s results.

There is no pain, no bruising, minimal swelling, and best of all, the results are immediate.

So, if you don’t have lunch plans, you might want to consider something other than a sandwich…like a lunchtime nose job. The option of non-surgical rhinoplasty gives you every reason to give new thought to that part of your appearance you never liked. You deserve the new-found confidence you will enjoy. You’ll no longer worry about people looking at your nose…they’ll be seeing all of you!

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