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Finding Beauty Inside and Out

Every woman possesses the ability to show the world that she is a uniquely beautiful individual. Many become discouraged while seeking ways to beautify their person, and some give up, believing beauty to be a hopeless quest. Although the media may teach you differently, beauty does not always look the same from woman to woman. There are many ways to brighten your looks, refresh your skin, take years away from your smile, and embrace a youthful, beautiful appearance.


Do What You Love
Happiness is your greatest beauty secret. Those who involve themselves in activities that boost their self-esteem and make them happy tend to have an inextinguishable sparkle in their eye, a contagious smile spread across their lips, and a natural glow radiating from their skin. Schedule a block of “me time” each week or take that ceramics class you’ve been thinking about, and you will find that your joy will become your favorite beauty tip.

Get Your Colors Done
A color analyst can help you determine which colors best complement your eyes, skin tone, and hair color. Depending on the coloring in your features, you will learn which pieces in your wardrobe bring out your natural beauty, and what colors you should keep an eye out for on your next shopping spree.

Finding Beauty in Charity
Finding beauty may seem like a self-involved pursuit, but true beauty can be found when you put others before yourself. Donating some of your time or resources to helping someone else -- whether it is a person within your family, social circle, or a charity organization -- will always tap your inner beauty and become obvious to those around you.

Staying Young
You can’t escape the passing of years, but you can prevent them from becoming obvious on your face. You can prevent wrinkles by wearing sunscreen whenever you go outside, staying hydrated, eating a healthy diet, sticking to a regular moisturizing routine for your skin, and not smoking.

Lecada Medical Spa offers several ways to keep you beautiful and looking young. For a free consultation or more information about our anti-aging solutions and non-surgical approaches to medical artistry, call us at (813) 874-2332.

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