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Get To Know Sculptra

Sagging Skin. Flattened Contours. Deep crevasses. Inevitably, we will all experience the classic signs of aging simply because our bodies slow down the production of collagen as we get older.

While this process happens to everyone, there are some environmental and lifestyle influences that can speed up the degradation of collagen. The most likely culprits are sun-damage and smoking cigarettes. The defense is pretty straight-forward: wear sunscreen every day of the year and quit smoking by any means possible.

You can also promote collagen stimulation in the foods you eat. Processed foods that are loaded with sugar will cause inter-nal inflammation that inhibits collagen formation, so instead opt for lots of greens and omega-3 fatty acid foods like fish and nuts to reduce inflammation.

That said, all the kale and sunscreen in the world can’t stop the body’s natural decrease of collagen. That’s where science comes in.

We’re not talking Botox or Dysport or Juvederm. While those “liquid miracles” may have originally made their mark as wrinkle eliminators, the effects are tempo- rary and they don’t stop the body’s breakdown of collagen. There is, however, one filler that does – Sculptra Aesthetic.

Sculptra (generic name is “poly-L- lactic acid” or PLLA) is a synthetic form of lactic acid, the same lactic acid made by our muscles after exercise. Though it is made in a laboratory, Sculptra contains no animal products, and because the body recognizes it as lactic acid, it very gradually disappears by the action of your own cell enzymes.

“Let’s be clear,” says Dana Martinez, founder and CEO of Lecada Medical Artistry. “Sculptra is not a wrinkle filler. It’s a volumizer. It replaces the natural volume loss that occurs as we age by stimulating the production of collagen.”

She goes on to say that while Sculptra may add volume to areas of the face, creat- ing a soft, natural, more youthful recontouring, it really works over time to stimulate the body’s natural anti-aging process for longer lasting fullness.

The optimum results from each treatment are typically visible over the course of 4-6 weeks, with each successive treatment

requiring less and less Sculptra. With maintenance treatments, the dramatic rejuvenation Sculptra provides has been known to last 2 years or more. Additionally, it doesn’t have that “overstuffed” look that is all too common when Juvederm, Restylane or Radiesse is used improperly.

Sculptra requires a high level of training, skill, and experience on the part of the physician to competently analyze the face for a successful result. Be sure your Sculptra injector is properly qualified and that you follow all office recommendations regarding any post-care.

And remember, collagen renewal takes patience. “This is not a miracle, quick-fix filler,” Martinez says. “Imagine you’re planting a garden. You plant the Sculptra and then watch the beauty unfold, naturally over time. It’s worth the wait.”


Questions about Sculptra? Contact us at 813.874.2332 for a complimentary consultation with our experienced, Sculptra-certified medical staff.


Originally published in Panache Vue Magazine Get to Know Sculptra via Lecada Medical Artistry

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