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With summer approaching, the desire to get beach body ready is impossible to ignore. While we always suggest starting off with a healthy diet and the right amount of exercise, when that combo isn't enough, there’s always Exilis Tampa for targeted skin tightening, body shaping and fat reduction.

Exilis was the winner of best skin tightening device in 2012 at THE Aesthetic Show, Las Vegas, NV, and has been featured on numerous television programs such as "The View" and "The Doctors".

Exilis uses focused radio frequency (RF) to tighten skin. Thermage is another well-known skin tightening device using RF. What's the difference? Well... Thermage is extremely painful and Exilis feels more like a hot stone massage. The pain of Thermage may also limit how high the settings can be, which may limit or diminish results. With Exilis, there is no pain and no downtime. Exilis does require several sessions for a complete treatment, usually 4-6 about a week apart. Each session lasts 20 min to 1 hour depending on how many areas are being treated at each session. The downside with ANY energy based skin tightening device is that the patient must wait for their own collagen to grow and remodel to see the results. Excited about starting to look younger, the wait can be as frustrating as watching grass grow. But in just three months, a visible change does occur and results continue to improve even beyond this. It's as if the patient is aging backwards as the device actually causes some changes within the skin that are opposite of what occurs with the aging process.

Exilis can not only be used on the face to firm, smooth, and tighten the skin, but it can also be used on the body to address those areas that no amount of working out and dieting will fix. The body hand-piece of the Exilis device not only tightens skin, but also shrinks fatty deposits and allows a very nice non-surgical body contouring. There is no downtime and no pain with Exilis body contouring either. Many patients actually fall asleep during the treatments. Patient satisfaction with Exilis is very high. The body sculpting results become visible much more quickly than the skin tightening, with patients frequently reporting visible changes in the first week. Also, since the fat deposits are being reduced over several sessions though gentle heating, there is no risk of contour irregularity, lumps, gouges, or dimples as can sometimes be seen with poor results in surgical recontouring. There is no garment to wear and no bruising or drainage or potential for infection. The fat just seems to gradually melt away in the areas treated, without any slow down in your activities except for the relaxation during the treatment itself.

To schedule an Exilis consultation with our professional medical spa staff, call 813.874.2332 for an appointment or click here.

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