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Get Your Beauty Sleep: How Sleep Affects Your Look

Why do you look older than your years? It could be wrinkles. It could be your graying hair. Or it could be something a lot simpler: your lack of sleep. It's true; to preserve a youthful appearance, getting your beauty sleep is a necessity. To look and feel young, you must look and feel awake. Let's review some of the common results of a poor night's sleep, and how to remedy them.

Your Eyes

When you're tired your eyes announce it to the world. They become watery and bloodshot. Your eyelids tend to droop slightly, dark circles can form under the eyes and the skin around your eyes will look puffy and lax. You may even have trouble focusing on things or people during a conversation. Eye drops may provide short-term relief from some symptoms, but only a full night's sleep gives a natural and permanent youthfulness to the eyes and the skin around it.

Your Face

No one is in a good mood when they'd rather be tucked into a bed. Try as you might to cover your fatigue with a smile, your expression will probably remain long and tiresome throughout the day. A chronic lack of sleep can affect muscle tone in your face which makes lines and folds around the brow, eyes and mouth more prominent. Lift your spirits and your face by getting a full night's sleep whenever possible and fitting in a cat nap when you can't.

Your Skin

Studies have shown that without sleep, skin takes longer to recover from daily damage and does not retain moisture as efficiently. Sleep is a regenerative period of time for the body when new skin cells are created. Older skin cells give a dull and flat look to skin. Also, less sleep results in a weakened immune system which may trigger more breakouts and acne.

Your Posture

It's not just your face that suffers from poor sleeping habits. People who aren't getting enough rest are often slumped over at their desk or dragging their feet as they shuffle from meeting to meeting. Poor posture not only results in back pain, it makes you look haggard, older, and even creates the illusion of extra pounds.

How to Get a Good Night's Sleep

If you don't have a consistent sleep schedule yet, start one today. Determine how much sleep your body requires to keep you looking and feeling fresh, and then set bed times and wake times that can easily be enforced on both weekdays and weekends. Once your body starts to recognize a pattern, it will fall in line easily every night. If you're still struggling to fall asleep, consider cutting back on caffeine, trying a healthier diet, or implementing a regular exercise routine.

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