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Hand Rejuvenation-The Finishing Touch

You wear sunscreen. You’re diligent about monthly facials. Frown lines? What frown lines?! In the battle against aging, you take advantage of the amazing surgical and non-surgical facial treatments available and you have the youthful glow to prove it. But it’s not your crow’s feet giving away you true age. It’s your hands! Sound familiar? Hands are the most telltale signs of aging, yet we neglect them and, well... it’s showing.

Because hands are rarely covered and receive more exposure to harsh environmental elements and the damaging rays of the sun, they usually age more rapidly than other parts of the body. Skin becomes thinner as we age. Loss of fatty tissue, less oil in the skin, and sometimes less flexibility over time, leaves the hands looking shrunken, wrinkled, boney, veined, and discolored with age spots. Not a good look with your ageless face!

Here’s the good news: Many of the same procedures used so effectively on the face work wonders on the hands as well. Hand rejuvenation procedures add fullness to boney hands, lighten or remove age spots, and firm up crepe-like skin, leaving hands younger, smoother, and more attractive.

hand-rejuvenation-1Hand rejuvenation can be accomplished in a number of ways. Microdermabrasion is a painless, skin resurfacing that helps eliminate fine lines, and hyperpigmention, while stimulating new cell growth and collagen production. Chemical peels remove irregular pigmentation from sun damage, resulting in smoother, evenly toned, retextured skin.  Absolutely amazing outcomes are achieved with laser resurfacing. Lasers target and remove damaged skin in a precise manner, layer by layer. Fraxel Laser, in particular, penetrates 3-5 times deeper than standard lasers, stimulating newer, smoother, firmer skin to form.

hand rejuvenatino-3Even the prominent hand veins that accompany advancing age can be eliminated with little or no downtime, as well. Sclerotherapy, the technique used to remove unsightly leg veins, may also be used to remove hand veins. With sclerotherapy, saline is injected into the vein, lightening the color of the vein and causing it to shrink and eventually fade. And last but not least, injectable dermal fillers (like Juvederm and Radiesse Tampa) work like magic erasers, reversing the signs of aging by adding volume to aging hands and hydrating the skin, making hands appear more plump and youthful. Best of all, results are immediately visible.

hand rejuvenation-2Typically, a variety of techniques is most successful in turning back the "hands of time". No matter which combination of hand rejuvenation treatments you choose, you will want to continue to protect your hands from future damage with regular use of sun protection.  Consistent use of sunscreen significantly prolongs your improvement! Next to your face, your hands are the most visible part of your body. So, go ahead — add fullness to boney hands, remove unsightly veins, eradicate age spots, and thicken skin. Your younger, smoother, and more beautiful hands will complete an otherwise youthful appearance and keep those ageists guessing!
~Valerie Kelley


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