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Holiday Beauty Blitz

The countdown to the ho-ho-holidays has officially begun. In the run up to the big day(s), make sure you’re fully prepared with a pre-holiday beauty blitz that will not only ramp up the glow factor in your holiday photos, but have you feeling ultra-healthy going into the busiest time of the year.

Because the holidays are a busy time, many women don’t pay as close attention to their skin. That, coupled with bad habits, is a surefire way to get unexpected breakouts. Advanced planning is the key to keeping your skin on track! Reboot your skin with a light and flaky enzyme peel in early November, or a deep-cleansing facial and microdermabrasion around Thanksgiving to reboot your skin and clear out your pores.

Alcohol, salty foods and holiday parties may be fun, but they wreak havoc on your skin, making everything seem puffier than usual, especially the eyes. To deflate, flush your body with anti-inflammatory foods — think fruits, vegetables, salmon and un-salted nuts — and drink plenty of water. And be diligent about applying a serum like Revision Skincare’s Retinol Eye Repair or a moisturizer like Teamine Eye Complex, both of which are loaded with skin-plumping antioxidants and much-needed hydration. Finally, to help prevent fluid retention in the eye area, try to sleep with your head slightly elevated

If you haven’t quite reached your target tone in time to don that gorgeous sequin party dress, why not supplement your exercise regime with a last minute body sculpting treatment? Exilis’s targeted fat reduction and skin tightening treatment can help you tighten and tone, shed a few inches off your key areas and reduce the appearance of stubborn fat.

Though wrinkles are primarily caused by age and sun damage, other factors make them more noticeable like stress, drinking and sweets. Of course, drinking plenty of water and clean eating is the first step to rehydrate your skin and lessen the appearance of wrinkles, but sometimes our best intentions go awry. Never underestimate the power of Botox to turn those frown lines upside down! Botox smooths away lines, crow’s feet, even stubborn mid-brow furrows to create a smoother, more relaxed look almost instantly. Coupled with fillers like Juvederm and Radiesse, you can restore your youthful complexion in minutes. As a bonus, dermal fillers trigger your body to create more of its own natural collagen, so each subsequent treatment has an additive effect to slow the steady march of time.

For a final body-beautiful prep, treat yourself to an exfoliating and hydrating all-body treatment to ensure your skin is primed to look its best on your holiday. A full body exfoliation like Finishing Touch by Revision Skincare not only leaves skin silky smooth, but the all-over deep moisture will promote a healthy texture and natural glow.

Cooking. Shopping. Parties. Travel. Family. Work. Kids. What does that spell?? Stress!! If just thinking about it makes you tired and cranky, consider ramping up the B vitamins this season. Weekly Vitamin B12 injections rev up the metabolism, increase energy, and keep your mood in check, making it a completely natural, healthy way to feel better, from the inside out.

Though time may heal all wounds, the leftover scars serve as ugly reminders to something we’d rather forget. Which makes the following news particularly appealing — Trinity Medical Pharmacy’s new, prescription-only, Scar Gel is the perfect fix for new and old scars alike. Not only does this custom-compounded topical treatment reduce the appearance of scars, including those pesky hypertrophic or keloid scars, but it virtually eliminates them all together.

The secret to a younger, sexier, more kissable lip?? Fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm and Silikon 1000 provide temporary or permanent lip enhancement solutions. Each has its own pros and cons, so be sure to discuss your options with a medical professional.

If losing weight during the holidays sounds like the impossible dream, think again! Now may just be the perfect time to jump start those New Years’ Resolutions. Why? Because studies show that the most significant weight loss occurs in the first month of any new program. So… start today and lose 10 pounds before Hannukah, or 20 pounds before Christmas. Increased confidence and a shapelier waist? That’s the perfect gift to give yourself.

This article first appeared in the November issue of Panache Vue Magazine


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