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Attractive, long and lush eyelashes and shapely brows have always been a standard of beauty. Thick and gorgeous eyelashes can highlight one’s eyes in a way nothing else can. If you are unsatisfied with your lashes or brows, we are here to help! We take pride in offering the best beauty service possible to make sure you leave looking and feeling your best.

Latisse Tampa: Longer & Thicker Lashes

The first lash enhancement product that has received FDA approval, Latisse® increases the length of existing lashes and assists in their overall growth by increasing the number of eyelashes. Latisse® makes lash growth possible because of its active ingredient bimatoprost, which increases the length of the eyelash hair cycle and stimulates more production. Applied once-nightly at the base of your upper eyelashes, lashes begin regrowth in as little as four weeks. Results will vary, but eyelashes can commonly grow to be 25 percent longer, 106 percent thicker and 18 percent darker in as little as eight weeks. As long as the drops are being used, the results will last. There is no downside to stopping the use of Latisse. The lashes will simply revert to their original length, thickness and color.

Eyelash Tinting

Add drama to pale lashes with a beautiful dark tint. The process is safe, painless, and can last up to three weeks. If you can’t stand mascara or if you would like that fresh mascara look all the time, than lash tinting is perfect for you.

Eyebrow Tinting

Enhance your eyebrows by making them look thicker and fuller. Brows Tint comes in different natural-looking colors such as dark brown, light brown, auburn or black. Brow Tint is perfect for anyone wishing to enhance their eyebrow color in order to make them look thicker. Safe and long-lasting, eyebrow tinting lasts up to four weeks.

Eyebrow Waxing & Shaping

Well designed brows accent the eyes and help to frame the expression of the face. Our “arch experts” analyze each client’s face before waxing, tweezing, shaping and/or filling the brow area according to the client’s needs. Make an appointment and get the eyebrows you have always dreamed of!