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The Best Non-Surgical Options for Jawline Augmentation

As we grow older, the force of gravity causes facial skin around our jawline to loosen and sag, which can give us an aged appearance. Sagging jowls are never welcome; however, they can be improved with and without surgery. When asked about the best way to augment the jawline and correct jowls without surgery, top physicians all recommend filler treatments such as Radiesse or Artefill.

Radiesse is a volumizing, injectable filler. After being injected into localized areas of the face, this filler can assist with the production of your natural collagen. It will immediately restore facial volume and smooth out the jawline. The procedure is nearly painless, since it can be mixed with Lidocaine to reduce pain. Because the procedure is an injection and doesn’t require surgery, recovery is very quick. You may experience minimal swelling, which will subside in 24 to 36 hours. In addition to being used to treat sagging jowls, Radiesse can also help with lifting the brow, non-surgical rhinoplasty, filling acne scars, and rejuvenating hands. Results from Radiesse can last a year or more.

Artefill is the longest lasting dermal filler, as it can last at least five years, and in some instances it can even be permanent. Artefill is made of synthetic microspheres of PMMA that are suspended in bovine collagen. Like Radiesse, Artefill can be mixed with a local anesthetic to make the procedure mostly painless. Results from the procedure are visible almost immediately; however, it can take almost 6 months to see the full effects of the procedure. While Artefill can be used to treat jowls, it can also be used to smooth facial wrinkles, to fill in the hollows around the eyes, to lift the brow, to correct facial asymmetries and to fill in the temple area.

At Lecada Medical Artistry, we can help you turn back the years without resorting to surgery. We specialize in non-surgical techniques to help you maintain a youthful appearance. Please call us for a free consultation today at 813-874-2332.

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