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Top Myths About Botox Debunked

Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments available today. Because of its popularity and the fact that it is a non-invasive procedure, Botox is a top choices for treating and reducing wrinkles. However, many don't know the facts behind this specialized cosmetic treatment and a number of myths about it's effects have sprung up in recent years. Today we will demystify and debunk these myths for you!

Myth: Anyone can administer Botox.
This is simply not true! Only a skilled physician should administer a Botox injection. A specialist can determine the best placement for the shot so that the wrinkle lines are diminished, instead of causing the muscle to be paralyzed.

Myth: Botox is a toxin or poison.
While Botox is a neurotoxic protein that can cause botulism in large doses, the amount of Botox injected into the skin for treatment by a skilled physician is not a high enough dosage to be toxic to an individual. Botulism is not a risk from Botox treatments. It’s even used to treat certain health conditions such as hyperhidrosis, also known as excessive sweating.

Myth: Botox is painful.
Botox is a non-invasive alternative to surgery. Because Botox is administered by a needle, some people think it is extremely painful. However, an experienced medical practitioner uses a small needle that is expertly placed and the injection will cause minimal discomfort. If pain is still a concern, a patient can ask for an anesthetic cream to numb the skin beforehand, eliminating that concern.

Myth: Botox is permanent.
Botox is not a permanent treatment. Once an initial treatment is done, it is easier to maintain the results with successive treatments. By repeating treatment every 4 to 6 months as directed by the doctor, wrinkle formation is prevented.

Myth: Botox is addictive.
Botox is not physically addictive. There are no chemicals added to Botox to cause any kind of addiction behavior.

Myth: Botox will make your face less expressive.
When Botox is administered by skilled professionals, patients still maintain their natural facial expressions. The result simply gives patients a more refreshed, younger appearance. In fact, many patients are more expressive as their inner confidence is bolstered by these few subtle changes.

At Lecada Medical Spa in Tampa, our qualified staff members are ready to help you separate Botox myths from fact. Would you like to learn more about Botox and its potential effects on your appearance? Schedule a free consultation today by calling 813-874-2332.

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